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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Application is currently not available

Application has been taken down from the App Store and currently there are no plans of bringing it back.

All the descriptions and screenshots are left only because the site awaits major rework.

Can’t wake up?

With this alarm clock you will get up on time, thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won’t let you turn the alarm off or lower the volume until you finish them!

Mind or body stimulation? Or maybe having to actually leave the bed? No need to decide – you can use them all!

  • Up to eight different Wake Up Tasks (six of them available in premium Pro Version) – Math, Memory, Rewrite, Order, Pairs, Repeat, Shake, Barcode – you can test all of them before deciding to activate Pro Version!
  • Innovative Barcode Task – scan previously prepared barcode (from a toothpaste or a book) to finish Task – where will you put it? In the kitchen, bathroom? Now you need to get out of bed!
  • Set multiple alarms
  • Select alarm’s sound from prepared ringtones or use your favourite song from iTunes
  • Different difficulties for each Task
  • Allowed Snooze option – choose how many times you can snooze before having to do the Tasks

You must keep I Can’t Wake Up running with display turned on to make it work properly! Just do not press the Home or Power button after setting the alarm.
Screen will turn off automatically when you place phone face down.

You can choose difficulty of every Task and test it quietly without running the alarm.
Application uses free sounds from freesfx.co.uk and soundbible.com


 Why should I leave application running on screen?

That is forced by iOS multitasking restrictions. Alarm will of course start if you quit the application, but then it can only wake you up with use of notifications which can be easily muted. Alarm’s music can’t be muted so easily, but it can start only when application is opened or after you press the shown notification.


Why can’t I choose any music to play when notification is shown?

That function again is limited by iOS system – notification can only play sounds prepared and shipped with the application. However after opening notification your chosen music will be played.


How does allowed snooze work?

Generally you can only snooze after doing all the Tasks in alarm. Allowed snoozes let you snooze before finishing any Tasks, but you can do so only limited number of times, chosen in alarm’s preferences. That is to make sure that you won’t be snoozing indefinitely.


Pro version – what does it give me?

It unlocks all Tasks – that’s it. Before unlocking you can test how each of Tasks work, but only Math and Memory Tasks can be enabled for your alarms. After buying pro version there are no limits to use of Tasks.

Pro version works for lifetime – if you buy it once and then uninstall application or change the phone, just choose Restore option and you will have pro verstion activated instantly.


 I have a question/problem that isn’t answered here…

Contact me by contact form or directly at mail shown in bottom of the page and we will find a solution


Solve all equations to finish this Task. Possible answers are shown after selecting the equation. Number and format of equations depend on chosen difficulty.



Find all same colored pairs. Show colors by pressing two tiles of your choice to uncover them. They will stay visible if are of the same color. Uncover all the tiles to finish this Task. Difficulty determines number of tiles.



You need to put numbers on tiles in rising order from top left corner to bottom left to finish this Task. You change positions of tiles by first selecting tile you want to move, then clicking one of its neighbours to switch their places. Number of tiles depends on chosen difficulty.



At the beginning you will be shown the order in which you need to press tiles to finish this Task. You will have to start again if you make a mistake. Press Repeat button to be shown the press order again. Length of press pattern depends on difficulty.



Shake the phone long enough to fill whole screen. Shake time is set in alarm’s preferences.



Use keyboard to rewrite shown random text. Length of text and type of characters depends on chosen difficulty.



You will be shown a name of the country with a list of capitals. Choose capital of the presented country to finish the Task. Number of correct pairs to find depends on difficulty.



In this Task you have to scan a number of barcodes that you have prepared earlier. Number of Tasks to scan is set in alarm’s preferences. To scan simply press the Scan button and point your phone’s camera to the barcode. Keep on pressing ‚I am searching’ button to keep alarm silent. You can also choose ‚I can’t find it’ to go to the next barcode, but be warned that if you do not have enough bacodes prepared to finish the Task, you will have to wait 30 seconds before finishing the Task – so make sure your barcodes are where you left them.


Barcodes preparing

To set-up barcodes go to any alarm’s preferences and press ‚+’ in Barcode’s Task settings. You will be shown a list of all prepared barcodes. There you can scan new barcodes, choose which barcodes to use, edit their order or delete them.