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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Can’t wake up?

With this alarm clock you sure will get up on time, thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won’t let you turn the alarm off until you finish them!
Mind or body stimulation? Or maybe having to actually leave the bed? How about practising foreign language while we are at it?


This application features options that you would expect from alarm clock, like setting multiple alarms, daily repeating or snooze, plus many more, letting you set it up to your liking in almost every way possible:

  • Smooth Wake Up – dimmed screen, volume rising, fully customizable
  • Snooze Music – choose music that will play during your snooze
  • Awake Test – ever woke up just to turn alarm off and go back to sleep? If you fail Awake Test few minutes after finishing alarm, alarm will be started again!
  • many music sources – ringtones, music files (.mp3), playlists, shoutcasts or build-in extra loud noises
  • starting chosen application after alarm’s finish
  • auto turning off during phone calls


Wake Up Tasks:

Math – do some math equations
Memory – find pairs for each coloured tile
Order – set tiles in correct order
Repeat – repeat shown click sequence
Barcode – you have to get out of bed to scan the code placed in bathroom, kitchen or just on your table!
Rewrite – carefully rewrite randomly generated text
Shake – shake your phone until you feel awake
Pairs – connect word pairs – has build in Capital-Country collection, but you can easily make your own, for example with words in different languages!


You can configure every Task and test it quietly without running the alarm, to set it just the way you like.


How to change alarm’s music/snooze/…?

All changes are done on alarm’s edition screen – open it by pressing chosen alarm on main screen. Preferences are divided into categories, which can be expanded by pressing them. Preferences from „Other” category can be further expanded, to reveal detailed settings.


How to select Tasks and/or change days on which alarm repeats?

Both changes are done in alarm’s editing screen. Tasks are enabled by pressing their icons – selected ones will be highlighted, while rest is greyed out. It works the same way with days.


How to delete alarm?

There are few ways to delete alarm:

- on alarm’s editing screen – choose delete icon from the bottom bar
- on main screen – swipe the alarm to the left
- you can also delete multiple alarms at once on main screen, long-pressing one of them to enter selection mode. After choosing alarms press delete icon from the bottom bar


How to change tasks’ difficulty

Each Task can be configured after pressing the edit icon (a gear) next to the chosen Task, on alarm’s editing screen.


I am missing some features after updating to the new version of the app

New, rewritten from a scratch, version of the app has been released recently, resulting in a wave of messages from users of the old app, usually concerned about features removed in the new version. Below is a list of answers to the most common inquiries.


„I am missing the feature/option…”:


- „…to show time left until next alarm” - it was added in the recent update, please download it from Google Play.


- „…to skip next start of the alarm” - it is connected to Holiday Break feature, which I was not satisfied with in new version. Holiday Break was removed in the last update and will be re-added after being reworked, including „Skip next alarm” option.


- „…to set Holiday Break per alarm, instead of globally” - as above, it is connected to Holiday Break feature, which I am not satisfied with. Holiday Break was remove and will be re-added after being reworked, probably including option to set it per alarm.


- „…of color blind setting in Match Task” – it was added in the recent update, please download it from Google Play.


- „…of Quit Block” – it didn’t make the official release, because it is very complicated and although prepared in about 90%, preliminary tests showed a lot of errors. It will be added with future updates.


- „…to randomly select Tasks” – it has been removed, as rarely used, however I have already received multiple e-mails about it, and it will be probably brought back with future updates.


- „…of Timer” – Timer has been removed in new version, as it was basically just another way of setting alarm time („start after hh:mm” versus „start at hh:mm”), while I plan adding proper timer support with future updates. I am checking possibility of bringing back option to set alarm to start after „hh:mm” time, before new Timer is added.


- „…of old scanner for barcode task” – indeed barcode task is currently far from perfect. Moving scanner to task’s screen was a nice interface decision, however it caused problems unknown in the old version, like problem with scanner refreshing and lack of light. I am working on fixing them as soon as possible.


„Feature I am missing is not listed above”
One of main goals of the new version was to remove the abundance of settings that were rarely used (less than 2% usage by statistics from old version), because new users of the app complained it was too complicated. That said, I Can’t Wake Up was and will be an app „for the users”, so if multiple users demand this feature, it will added to new version.
In the future I plan on creating a way for users to share and vote for ideas to improve the app. When it is ready, please consider posting about features you want to bring back there and it will be added when multiple users demand it as well.


I don’t like the new version and would prefer to use the old one


Old version of the app has been released on Google Play under the name of „I Can’t Wake Up! Legacy”, available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kog.alarmclock.legacy

Alarm didn’t start

Since Android 6.0 most situations when alarm didn’t start at all, started only after unlocking the screen or started delayed, are caused by Android’s battery saving features.
Application fights those mechanisms by using recommended ways of scheduling alarms and by showing information on how to disable battery optimization for the app, when such optimization is detected. Disabling battery optimization for the app prevents basic Android battery saving features from interfering with alarms’ starts.


Unfortunately some phone manufacturers include their own battery saving policies, which sometimes prevent apps from working properly, in this case by blocking or delaying alarm’s start. In most cases apps can be excluded from those policies, however the manufacturers do not offer the developers an automated way of doing this, forcing users to apply changes manually.


As each manufacturer has different settings for controlling phone’s battery saving features, instructions for all the different ways of disabling them wouldn’t fit here. The best source for such instructions is the below page, which tracks and gathers information on how to disable app breaking battery saving policies on different devices: dontkillmyapp.com


Please try the solutions from that page for your device and system version. Unfortunately without those manual settings it might be impossible to work reliable for any alarm clock app, maybe beside default build-in clock application, as those are usually exempt from all battery saving policies.


Please write me at contact@kogcreations.com if the instructions doesn’t work or you still experience problems with alarms not starting at time or at all, and I will investigate this further.


Music problem

Music can to fail to play for numerous reasons. Alarm will try to handle them first by playing phone’s default ringtone and if that fails, by playing build-in beeping sound and enabling vibrations. Usually changing your chosen music source/file can fix further problems.

However in rare situations no music can be played at all – this problem comes from system itself and application is unable to prevent it. Only known fix is restarting phone from every few days to clear old data that accumulates with time and isn’t properly released.


I finished the alarm, but it starts again after few minutes

Do you by any chance have an Awake Test enabled for this alarm? Check this in alarm’s preferences, under Other category. If you have it, then you may be just missing the Awake Test, effectively failing it, which in turn causes alarm’s start. Either disable Awake Test for that alarm or change its volume, to make it more easily noticeable (volume can be changed in advanced settings of Awake Test – just press it to reveal them).


Other bugs

In case of any other bugs not mentioned above, please let me know about them by sending a log from app’s Settings->Contact. Short description about nature of the bug or screenshot, if bug results in layout problems, will help a lot with fixing it as well.



Android 9.0 introduced very strict battery saving policies, which can impose severe restrictions on every application, including canceling or delaying alarm’s start up to 2 hours. System decides which applications to limit depending on unknown algorithms implemented by each phone manufacturer. Currently there are no solutions available for developers to implement, to make sure their app starts when it should, even for alarm applications. I will add such solution as soon as I find it.
Now only solution is to exclude application for battery optimization, however it has to be done manually by the user. Precise location of this setting differs between different phones, however from information I have gathered so far it seems they are located very „deep” inside settings of the phone, usually making it problematic to find them.


I will be collecting instructions for all the affected phones and posting them below. Generally there are two places to search for disable optimization setting:


1. Go to phone’s Settings->Applications, find „I Can’t Wake Up” and open it. At the shown screen look for settings like Battery or Optimization. They can be hidden under Advanced, Special Access or similarly named settings. After finding the setting you may be either allowed to change it „Don’t optimize” or similar directly, or you may be shown list of all applications installed and the phone. In the second case locate „I Can’t Wake Up” on the list and change its optimization setting there. In case you can’t find the app, make sure there is no filter enabled, usually called something like „Show optimized apps only”.
2. Go to phone’s Settings->Battery and look for options like „white list” or „don’t optimize”.  Above option probably won’t be visible at first glance – it may require opening advanced menu, sometimes opened by pressing „cogwheel” or „three dots” icon. Add my application to the proper list.


I would really appreciate if you could send me a short note at contact@kogcreations.com if disabling optimization doesn’t work for you, or if you can’t find it.
Also if your phone’s optimization setting’s location differs greatly from one described in above instructions, please write me where did you finally found it along with your phone model, so I can update FAQ with this information.


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