Requesting data removal

To remove all the personal data collected by the I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock application, action is required on your side. Read about it in details below:

  1. Data collected by automatic crash and/or bug reporting mechanisms
    • It is deleted automatically after 90 days.
    • You can request quicker removal of collected data from app’s Settings->Privacy->Erase Private Data. It will be deleted within 30 days after receiving your request.
  2. Data collected by ad providers
    • It is erased automatically by most of data providers. One exception is data collected by AdMob, which is managed by Google and used wherever Google Account is present. You can access and delete data associated with your account by visiting My Activity ( ). If you do not have a Google account or you are not logged on the phone, then opt out of Ads Personalization in phone’s settings to severe association between your device and collected data.
  3. Any other collected personal data is automatically erased within 30 days after application is removed and no new data is collected.

To prevent further collection of data, the app has to be uninstalled – personal data might be still collected.

In case of any questions about data removal please contact me under